Getting a Great Start to ... Preschool
Little Hands Big Hearts Academy understands that your child’s early years are crucial to their future achievements. It has been proven that students who begin their elementary school years intellectually and socially ahead of their classmates usually remain ahead of their classmates throughout the rest of their school years.
Little Hands Big Hearts Academy mission is to prepare your preschooler by using a nationally recognized, phonics-based curriculum. Embedded in our traditional, proven curriculum are structured activities that teach students to discipline themselves to sit, listen, and follow directions. Learning these basic skills will provide a solid foundation and prepare your child for their elementary school years.
Little Hands Big Hearts Academy's preschool curriculum features:
  • Innovations Curriculum 
  • Saxon Math Program
  • Science
  •  Spanish 
  • American Sign Language
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music Appreciation
  • And More